TWS ScaleTrader is a flexible, automated trading algorithm that allows you to scale into a large position without being exposed to increasingly poor prices. Trade continuously over a certain price range to capture a user-defined profit compensation amount.

TWS ScaleTrader is designed to help you buy down a weak, falling market at ever lower prices or improve your average price. Conversely, you can sell into a market that, after reaching unstable highs, is likely to fall. The tool also helps you to gradually reduce your long positions.

TWS ScaleTrader offers traders the following advantages:

  • Multiple Product Support - Use ScaleTrader for most products supported, including stocks, options, futures, forex and bonds, but excluding mutual funds.
  • Trade pairs and combinations - The custom tab layout interface makes it easy to set up and monitor high-volume trades for stock pairs and combinations of multiple components.
  • Take advantage of volatile markets - ScaleTrader can be programmed to buy and sell repeatedly in a volatile market with a single click on the "restore size after profit taking" feature. This will reset the original size from the filled take profit page to allow the scale process to continue.
  • Get price protection for your orders - Fully automate the scaling of large orders to protect retailers from increasing price erosion.
  • Use automated profit taking - Automatically create profit taking orders for user-defined profit compensation to sell on temporary rises or liquidate your positions when you reach your profit targets.
  • Benefit from liquidity discounts - ScaleTrader can be a liquidity provision strategy that can help you benefit from the liquidity discounts of the stock exchanges.

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