CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Open a Brokerage Account

Take your chance and open a brokerage account today and benefit from many advantages.

  • Worldwide stock trading at over 150 marketplaces
  • Trade US stocks from as little as $0.01
  • Free brokerage account 

Advantages of Opening a Brokerage Account

Free Brokerage Account Management

The brokerage account does not cost you any ongoing account management fees, as is the case with other brokers.

Huge Product Selection

More than 1.5 million shares, ETFs, options, futures, funds and bonds can be traded worldwide.

Favourable Order Fees

Trade stocks, ETFs and options from as little as €1.90, futures from €0.80.

Large Selection of Stock Exchanges

The brokerage account has over 150 trading venues worldwide. You are free to choose the exchange where you would like to place an order.

24 Account Management Currencies

The brokerage account is a multi-currency account. Trade stocks, options, futures and ETFs on the home exchanges in the respective currency.

English and German Support

FXFlat is your reliable contact for all questions regarding the brokerage account managed by Interactive Brokers.

Which Products Can I Trade with the Brokerage Account?



Trading shares on the NYSE, NASDAQ, XETRA, LSE or over-the-counter on Tradegate? Our share deposit allows you to trade shares worldwide on regional stock exchanges and other over-the-counter trading venues. US stocks can be traded at $0.01 per share on the NYSE and NASDAQ.



The FXFlat account is a multi-currency account and therefore offers the possibility to actively exchange and hold currencies. Over 23 currencies can be used for trading in the account.



Well-known EUREX futures such as FDAX, STOXX, Bund or also the well-known US futures such as ES, NQ, YM can be traded as E-mini and Micro E-mini on the futures exchanges for as little as 0.80€.



Options can be traded at various trading centres from €1.90 with the brokerage account.



Well-known ETFs from iShares such as MSCI World, ACWI or Emerging Markets can be traded for as little as €1.90 per order. Many more thousands of ETFs from well-known fund companies such as BlackRock, SPDR, Vanguard, Lyxor and Xtrackers are also waiting for you.

What Is a Brokerage Account?

A brokerage account is a storage facility for securities. Before brokerage accounts were digitalised, brokerage accounts were still physical depositories where shares were stored as documents. A brokerage account used to be something like a special safe deposit box for shares. Nowadays, the FXFlat brokerage account fulfills exactly this function.

How Does a Brokerage Account Work?

Once you have completed the opening of your brokerage account, you will receive the access data to your new brokerage account. Your securities are stored in the digital brokerage account and are assigned to you alone. The ownership of your securities is always documented in the brokerage account and you have real-time access to your shares, ETFs and other securities for your trading activities in the account management and the trading platform.

At central depositories, the ownership is documented and processed after the purchase/sale on an exchange. In Germany, for example, this is done by Clearstream AG in Frankfurt as the central securities depository.

Can I Open a Brokerage Account Online?

The brokerage account is an online brokerage account. The entire process, from the application to the opening of the brokerage account, takes place completely online. You only need a PC/notebook, smartphone or a camera for a photo of your identification documents. We will then take care of the opening of the brokerage account for you. 

Your Professional Trading Platform Trader Workstation

  • Trade mobile or via PC/notebook (all platforms)
    The Trader Workstation can be used via PC/notebook or tablet and smartphone from anywhere. The FXFlat app allows you to trade stocks on-the-go and can be used for portfolio analysis at any time.
  • Smart Routing - Intelligent Order Routing for the best price
    Smart Routing is a function of the Trader Workstation, which always finds the best available price for your order and executes it. 
  • Trading platform proven for decades - Immense platform trust
    The Trader Workstation has been a world-renowned professional trading platform for many years. Millions of investors worldwide have trusted TWS since time immemorial.
  • Connection of programs such as TradingView, ATAS possible
    Extension of TWS possible via API interface to programs such as TradingView, ATAS and AgenaTrader.

  • Over 100 order types and algorithmic trading
    The Trader Workstation platform of the brokerage account supports over 100 order types for the execution of your orders. We provide you with the tools for successful trading.
  • Newsfeed, business news and analysts
    High quality business news and market analysis on global economic topics can be freely subscribed to, including Reuters, Dow Jones, Morningstar and many more.

The Trading App - FXFlat Mobile

Keep an eye on everything with the FXFlat App
No matter where you are. The FXFlat App is your faithful companion for all matters relating to your brokerage account. Keep a constant eye on your cash and securities holdings. With the FXFlat App, you can trade just as easily on the move as you can from home with the main platform. All products and exchanges are freely available to you, you don't have to do without anything.

FXFlat App for iOS and Android

  • Always keep an eye on your entire portfolio, orders and currency holdings.
  • The Market Scanner also examines the entire market for you in the app.
  • Always have the latest economic news with you.

Only a Few Steps to Opening a Brokerage Account

1. Apply for an Account

Fill in the application form to open a brokerage account and we will send you all the information you need about the account application.

2. Legitimation

While opening the brokerage account, we legitimise your data and then create the brokerage account.

3. Capitalisation

You will receive the access data for the brokerage account and can begin with the capitalisation in the desired currency.

4. Trading

Your brokerage account is now capitalised and you can start trading.


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