CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


For many years now both our clients and different financial experts from independent institutes evaluate us positively. Your advantage: At FXFlat we are continuously working on getting even better instead of resting on our achievements!

Please find further customer feedback as well as our awards on this page.



Focus Money and DEUTSCHLAND TEST - FXFlat 1st place online broker

FXFlat has once again received a prestigious award. In the major study "Company of the Year", the Ratingen-based company took first place in the online broker category. The study, which was conducted by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) on behalf of the renowned business magazine Focus Money and DEUTSCHLAND TEST, awards companies that have performed particularly well in the previous evaluations "Prize Winner", "Highest Trust", "Customer Favourites" and "Germany's Best - Sustainability". Each evaluation was given a weighting of 25 percent. 

"We are proud that we did so well in a study that takes various aspects into account and even achieved the highest score - and can justifiably bear the 'Company of the Year' seal as the winner in the online broker category," says Samed Yilmaz, CEO of FXFlat Bank AG.


€uro am Sonntag - FXFlat "best online broker for active traders"

FXFlat has once again received one of the best-known awards in the industry. The online broker emerged from a comparison of specialists among online brokers by the business newspaper €uro am Sonntag as the provider whose conditions make it the best choice for active traders. The editors' verdict: "For active traders, FXFlat is clearly the most favourable."

"Becoming one of the winners in the €uro am Sonntag test is a huge honor for us. On the one hand, this comparison is one of the most renowned in the industry. On the other hand, it sheds light on many aspects - doing so well here underlines the class of our services across the board," explains Samed Yilmaz, CEO of FXFlat Bank AG.

F.A.Z. Institut - one of Germany's best financial service providers 2022

The renowned F.A.Z.-Institut, which belongs to the prestigious Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishing group, lists FXFlat as one of "Germany's best financial service providers 2022". This is the result of a study published by the institute and accompanied by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research. 

"We are of course very pleased to once again be counted among Germany's best financial service providers, as this is proof that our work and the further development of our offering are valued by an appointed body," explains Samed Yilmaz, CEO of FXFlat Bank AG.



Handelsblatt - Germany's best financial service providers 2021

In what is now the third edition of the major ranking "Germany's best service providers in finance 2021" by Germany's renowned business and financial newspaper Handelsblatt, FXFlat is able to place itself in the top group in the CFD broker category - and is awarded the corresponding seal.

For the ranking, the market research institute ServiceValue obtained and evaluated more than 48,000 customer assessments of service providers and banks from 17 categories on behalf of Handelsblatt: The large number of judgments is the basis for this comprehensive and therefore enormously meaningful evaluation of providers in the financial and banking market in Germany.

F.A.Z. Institut – Germany's best financial service providers 2021

FXFlat can count itself among "Germany's most popular banks 2021". In a study commissioned by Focus-Money and Deutschland Test and conducted by the IMWF Institute with scientific support from the HWWI, 1,500 regional and national credit institutions were comprehensively analyzed.

"We are very pleased about this award, because being popular with customers means that you are obviously doing a lot right in terms of offering, service and conditions," explains Rafael Neustadt, founder of FXFlat Bank.

WirtschaftsWoche – Depot for sustainable funds "Very good"

Sustainability is also a huge topic in investment. Across all age groups, investors are increasingly taking ecological aspects into account in their savings and investment behavior. The range of sustainable fund savings plans is growing. Investors do not have to forego returns. WirtschaftsWoche, in cooperation with FMH-Finanzberatung, selected the best securities accounts for sustainable fund savings plans, and FXFlat was able to achieve the grade "very good" among 17 providers.

Euro am Sonntag - Overall ranking "Sehr gut"

Euro am Sonntag has repeatedly evaluated the range of CFD brokers active nationwide. Among the 11 providers tested, FXFlat was once again able to hold its own with an overall rating of "Very Good".

In the "Trading" category, another "Very Good" was achieved in the overall rating. Here, the subcategory "Trading Platform" in particular stands out with a "Very Good +". The "Training & Technology" category was also awarded a "Very good +".

Germany's Most Popular Banks Award

FXFlat is one of "Germany's most popular banks". DEUTSCHLAND TEST, with the support of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), put 1500 banks to the test in terms of "customer proximity".

Among the custody and securities trading banks, FXFlat was able to achieve this distinction.

Proximity to the customer is becoming increasingly important for many financial institutions. With FXFlat the customer was placed from the outset into the center. The 24-hour customer service is just one example of the high value placed on customer satisfaction.

Fuchs-Briefe - 1. Place Broker-Rating 2021

After years in the top positions, FXFlat repeatedly makes it to first place overall in the FUCHS-Broker-Rating 2021, confirming once again that customer satisfaction and service can be guaranteed in the best possible way on a sustained basis.

For nine years, the FUCHS-Broker Test has been based on clear criteria that the publisher Fuchs-Briefe considers essential for the selection of a broker.

Particular emphasis is placed on the long-term reliability and security of the providers.

The categories offer quantitatively and qualitatively as well as transparency, consulting quality and finally the service are evaluated. In this way, the FUCHS broker test makes it clear that real quality does not only consist of offering the largest and most dazzling range, but also always lies in the very concrete, careful and responsible handling of the customer.

Deutsches Kundeninstitut (DKI) – Among the best with an overall rating of "very good

FXFlat was once again able to achieve an overall rating of "very good" in the 2021 survey conducted by the German Customer Institute. Thus, the series of excellent ratings of recent years by the renowned institute could be continued.

The annual DKI survey reflects the satisfaction of active CFD traders with their broker. The topics of trading, trading platform, order options, mobile trading, customer service and overall customer satisfaction were surveyed. FXFlat took 1st place in the categories "Order", "Customer Satisfaction" and "Overall Satisfaction".

Since customer satisfaction is of particular importance at FXFlat, the confirmation with top marks from the customers shows that FXFlat can live up to this claim. This evaluation is at once incentive for the future.

"The awards are for ourselves again and again a test bench of our performance, but also for our current and future customers an important landmark for orientation in the market," says Juliana Averhoff, Art Director at FXFlat.


Euro am Sonntag - Overall rating "very good" again

The editors of €uro am Sonntag again tested a total of 12 CFD brokers by means of a written survey in issue no. 29 in what is probably the most elaborate test in the industry.

FXFlat was again able to achieve its very good result from the previous year.

In addition to the overall rating of "Very Good" (as one of only two providers), FXFlat was also able to achieve first places in "Trading Platform" and "Training & Technology", among others.

BankingCheck Award - "Best online broker 2020" from 99 financial service providers

Once again, FXFlat can point to a prestigious award: In this year's BankingCheck Award of the evaluation portal of the same name, FXFlat has been voted "Best Online Broker" by customers. The first place in this category, which is based on an average rating of 4.8 out of a possible five points, pleases FXFlat Managing Director Rafael Neustadt against a very special backdrop: "With our first-class performance in this year's survey, we have once again been able to outdo last year's very good result." In the BankingCheck Awards 2019, FXFlat had scored 4.7 out of a possible five points. In addition to the top position in the "Online Broker" category, FXFlat was also rated best out of a total of 99 providers in the "Financial Service Provider" section this time.

"Above all, we are also proud of this award given the relevance of the survey," Rafael Neustadt continues. With a total of 128,856 customer ratings deciding the awards in 71 provider and 14 product categories this time, the BankingCheck Award is based on one of the largest surveys of its kind.

Deutsches Kundeninstitut (DKI) - "Most Popular CFD Broker 2020"

In the latest "Most Popular CFD Broker 2020" survey conducted by the renowned German Customer Institute (DKI), the online broker FXFlat once again proved that it can inspire investors and traders with its offering: With 97.8, FXFlat received the highest overall score of all CFD brokers evaluated, which corresponds to the grade "very good" (1.2). The fact that FXFlat thereby reached the mark "very good" in four of five categories and in three categories in each case the highest score could obtain, makes Rafael Neustadt, managing director of the FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH, particularly proud: "We are very pleased about the fact that we scored so strongly in the most different ranges - above all also because the evaluation is not based on a theoretical evaluation, but on the questioning of those, which can judge it really: the Trader, which are active each day with our offer at the market."

DKI collected the data for the rating as part of an online survey of active CFD traders. It asked customers about their satisfaction with trading, the trading platform, order options, price/performance ratio, mobile trading and customer service. In trading, FXFlat scored 39.3 points and the grade "very good" (1.1). The online broker was the comparison winner with the grade "very good" in each of the categories trading platform (14.9 points/1.1), order 13.0/1.0) and customer service (29.3/1.2). In the mobile trading category, FXFlat received the grade "good" (2.3) from the traders.

"The DKI survey is so informative for us not only because it shows us our pleasingly diverse strengths, but also because we can see from it in which area we can perform even better until the next edition of this survey," explains Rafael Neustadt.


€uro am Sonntag - Overall rating "Very good"

In the current CFD broker test of the renowned business and financial newspaper €uro am Sonntag, FXFlat was again awarded the overall grade "very good". Furthermore, first place was achieved in the Training & Technology category. The test results of the €uro am Sonntag are based on a written survey among the providers as well as the evaluation of, among other things, price-performance lists, general terms and conditions, CFD special conditions as well as CFD basic and risk information.

The results of the CFD broker test were published in issue 25/2019 of €uro am Sonntag.

FXFlat awarded multiple top marks in CFD broker survey 2019 by the Deutschen Kundeninstituts

The online broker is rated "very good" and five stars in several categories in a survey by the German Customer Institute (DKI). Among other things, it receives the seal "Traders' Favorite 2019".

Ratingen, January 30, 2019 - As in the previous year, 2019 starts right away with great encouragement for the online broker FXFlat. Thus, the German Customer Institute (DKI) awards FXFlat the top rating in several categories after its "CFD Broker Survey 2019", a survey of more than 1,000 CFD traders. FXFlat can now be pleased about the DKI seal "Traders Liebling", for example, after the broker received the highest rating of "very good" in the overall satisfaction category as well as the top rating of five stars. "We are very pleased with this rating, firstly because it is based on the vote of customers, whose satisfaction is the decisive benchmark for us, and secondly because it shows us that the overall package is right," explains Rafael Neustadt, Managing Director of FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH.

FXFlat also scored highly in the categories of price/performance and order options, where the CFD provider also received the top rating of "very good" from the respondents. This rating is combined with the seal "Fairest CFD broker 2019" and the 5-star seal "Order possibility". "Good conditions are a crucial aspect for a trader on the hunt for returns, insofar a good score here is particularly important to us. The same applies to the order options, as the innovative trader wants to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by trading technology in the 21st century," explains Rafael Neustadt.

The managing director also takes the result as an opportunity for an outlook on the coming twelve months: "The strong result of FXFlat in this latest survey confirms our strategy and our work. Nevertheless, we will do everything else to improve in all categories in order to at least maintain this good result in 2020 and to shine with top marks," says Rafael Neustadt.

1,015 traders took part in the latest survey by the German Customer Institute (DKI). They each rated the broker with which they currently trade CFDs. They were asked about their satisfaction in the categories trading, service and trading platform as well as mobile trading. The online survey was conducted between October 2018 and mid-January 2019. The German Customer Institute (DKI) surveyed traders from its survey panel, but also used surveys among traders via mailings, websites and social media posts of the CFD brokers.

Fuchs-Briefe - TOP-Broker 2019

The online broker is recommended by Fuchs-Briefe as a "TOP broker".
After 2nd place in the previous year, FXFlat has now taken the top position, improving by a few points with 97 out of a possible 100 points.

Quote Fuchs-Briefe: Top group becomes smaller
... and the winner is: FXFlat! The house, which has been continuously in the top 3 for years, has made it to the top of the podium in this year's FUCHS test. FXFlat convinced us with a perfect performance and an absolutely perfect advice and orientation regarding all our leverage questions...

FXFlat awarded with top score in BankingCheck

In the current banking check of the comparison platform, FXFlat achieved an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 points. Accordingly, FXFlat received the overall rating "very good" and is thus one of the top online brokers in 2019. The rating is based on customer reviews and compares 95 financial service providers.

The result was published in the 06/2019 issue.


Deutsches Kundeninstitut DKI - Trade: 5 out of 5 stars Grade: very good

The German Customer Institute names FXFlat the "most popular CFD broker 2018". "We are very pleased that our offer and our service are so appreciated by both our customers and the media," explains Rafael Neustadt, Managing Director of FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank.
These are the results of FXFlat in the subcategories:

  • Trading: 5 of 5 stars grade: very good (1.1)
  • Trading platform: 4 out of 5 stars grade: good+ (1.8)
  • Mobile trading: 4 out of 5 stars grade: good+ (1,7)
  • Customer service: 4 out of 5 stars grade: good+ (1,7)

Fuchs-Briefe - TOP-Broker 2018

The online broker is recommended as a "TOP broker" by Fuchs-Briefe.

"FXFlat has also successfully defended 2nd place in the annual ranking and also improved again compared to the previous year. The house thus consolidates its top position in the market permanently and is an absolutely recommendable top broker."

The continuity of FXFlat's good performance is made clear above all by a look at the "Eternal Best List" of the Fuchs-Briefe broker rating: "In the long-term view since 2013, we have also remained stable in a very good position - this underlines how important the sustainability of our service and customer satisfaction is to us," adds Rafael Neustadt, CEO of FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank.


€uro am Sonntag - Overall ranking "very good"

In the latest CFD broker test of the renowned business and financial newspaper €uro am Sonntag, FXFlat has once again been awarded the overall grade "very good". With the strong result - FXFlat achieved 96.9 percent of the top rating - the CFD and Forex online broker was able to place itself with the top score in the test.The test results of the €uro am Sonntag are based on a written survey among the providers as well as the evaluation of, among other things, price-performance lists, general terms and conditions, CFD special conditions as well as CFD basic and risk information. Altogether thereby 758 criteria in four categories were queried, examined and evaluated.

The results of the CFD broker test were published in issue 27/2017 of €uro am Sonntag.


€uro am Sonntag - Test winner

CFD broker test " The German Customer Institute tested 17 CFD providers for €uro am Sonntag. The majority convinced with a wide range of offers, good service and online presence as well as satisfactory price-performance ratio.
The results of the CFD broker test were published in the 28/2016 issue of €uro am Sonntag.

View the entire article as PDF


FXFlat on place 1 of the Broker Rating 2015 at the FUCHS Report

The team of FXFlat is very pleased about the great award in the Broker Rating 2015 of the independent Fuchs Report.

FXFlat landed in the ranking on place 1 of 23 compared providers, who have tested all 23 providers according to the principle of mystery shopping and have put themselves exclusively in the perspective of the prospective customer and potential future customer.

For the study, Fuchs Report put itself in the position of a trader. They oriented themselves with their market and offerer test thus at the concrete experiences and experiences with the on-line platforms tested by them, which would make each other customer in the search for a offerer exactly in such a way.

Conclusion: FXFlat has made a great leap forward. The Fuchs Brief found the offer, service, advice and training to be perfect.

Many thanks to the team of Fuchs Briefe for this award, which confirms us in our way!

You can now also find the 9-page broker test online on our pages here: Fuchs Briefe

FXFlat „most popular CFD broker“ according to Deutschem Kundeninstitut

Survey by the market research institute certifies the Rating-based online broker's first-class price/performance ratio and top customer service, among other things.

Ratingen, May 26, 2015 - FXFlat has been voted "most popular CFD broker" in the latest survey by the German Customer Institute (DKI). For this, the online broker from Ratingen near Düsseldorf receives the DKI seal of approval with the top rating of five stars.

FXFlat's overall victory in this survey is based on strength across the entire spectrum of categories. For example, in the subcategories "price/performance ratio" and "customer service", the company achieved the best result of all brokers available for selection in each case. For Rafael Neustadt, Managing Director of FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH, the success in the DKI survey is primarily due to the good work of recent years: "We have managed to continuously improve FXFlat's offering in all areas.
This applies to the wide range of tradable securities as well as the service and the technology provided. And this commitment obviously pleases the customers. We are thus consistently continuing on our path to sustainably establish ourselves as one of the best brokers in Germany," Neustadt continued.
The basis for the result of the DKI survey is the regular online survey of traders who are customers of one or more online brokers. The survey, which can also be accessed via the Börse Online magazine website, took place from April 7 to May 4, 2015 and included not only the DKI online panel but also the Internet and Facebook pages of the CFD brokers. The subject of the evaluation was trading, the price/performance ratio, the trading platform, the website and customer service.

Börse am Sonntag: Readers vote FXFlat 2nd place

At the German investor fair DAM in Frankfurt am Main FXFlat was awarded again in 2015. The CFD and Forex broker FXFlat was voted 2nd place in the CFD broker category by the traders of the trade magazine Börse am Sonntag.

FXFlat was able to claim a place on the winner's podium again in 2015 after winning first place in 2013 in the reader awards of the renowned trade magazine Börse am Sonntag (online reach 480,000).


Euro am Sonntag - Best customer service

FXFlat could prevail again in 2013 and obtain the first place in several categories of the Euro am Sonntag broker test. The customer service and the website of FXFlat have been awarded with the note “very good”. The quality of the support over the phone and by e-mail, as well as the expertise and the kindness of the customer care specialists have been taken into consideration.
The test was lead by the German Customer Institut (Deutsches Kundeninstitut – DKI) on behalf of Euro am Sonntag.
Conclusion: FXFlat has reinforced its international top position among CFD brokers and continues developing it.

Trader choose FXFlat for best CFD Broker

CFD and Forex broker FXFlat has been awarded by traders on the occasion of the German Investors Fair 2013 in Frankfurt.

FXFlat could achieve the first reader’s prize of the well-known magazine Börse am Sonntag (online coverage 480.000) after the first places in 2012 and 2011 assigned by €uro am Sonntag. During the award ceremony that took place on the occasion of the German Investor Fair in Frankfurt on 23.03.2012, the famous stock exchange moderator Hermann Kutzer has underlined the following evaluation criteria that have been taken into consideration by readers:

  • Quality of orders execution
  • Quality of the products
  • Customer service of the broker

“FXFlat is obviously really proud of this award as it was assigned by the most important jury, i.e. by traders themselves”, said Mr. Rafael Neustadt, general director of FXFlat. Mr. Samed Yilmaz, who was in charge of receiving the award, added: “Thanks also to this success, we know that we are on the right way and we will do our best to defend this award next year”.

We would like to thank all our customers and the reader of Börse am Sonntag, especially those who voted us, as well as our team who made this result possible.


FXFlat Best CFD Broker of the Year 2012

Like last year, the overall winner is FXFlat. The team from Ratingen has also obtained the second best price-performance ratio and therefore they are to recommend without doubts.    

FXFlat obtained the best placement in the following categories:

  • Best CFD Broker (overall winner)
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best CFD Website


Brokerwahl 2011: 3rd place FXFlat as Forex Broker of the Year

First time and already on the winner's podium: FXFlat reaches the 3rd place as forex broker of the year. Until shortly before the end FXFlat could even hold the 1st place but then the big competitors Flatex and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) could scurry past FXFlat.

A great success if you consider that FXFlat is a much smaller company, but it has once again shown that customers, friends and interested parties are very satisfied with the offer and service of FXFlat and that FXFlat is on a good way into the future.

The team of FXFlat thanks all involved for the great support and is very anxious to keep the individual service of a small service provider with great demand on quality and speed and to improve it always further.

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