• Trading and analytical platform designed for Futures-trading
  • Orderflow- & volume-trading
  • Six chart types including profile and cluster charts
  • Trade management & DOM directly in the chart
  • 25 footprint options 
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AgenaTrader Mercury

  • More than 150 indicators included
  • Drag & Drop order links
  • High performance Real Time Scanner
  • Full automation with AgenaScript - C#
  • MS-Visual Studio Integration
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MetaTrader Plus

  • Free for MetaTrader 4 & 5 live accounts
  • Trading package with EAs and indicators
  • Simple one-click trading with the mini terminal
  • Trade size & margin calculator
  • Smart Order Lines with partial closures, multiple and time stops
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VPOK - Volume Profile Orkan Kuyas

  • Add-on integrated into StereoTrader
  • Display of real volume data from Futures underlyings on CFD chart
  • Use sophisticated indicators such as Value Area (VA), Point of Control (POC), VWAP and Supertrend
  • The AddOn is designed so that the price difference between futures and CFDs is taken into account.
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  • is a screener to scan the whole market.
  • A multitude of filters will make it possible to scan the whole market with just a few clicks for optimal trades
  • Save a lot of time researching the market after your personal set conditions
  • Several asset classes can be screened
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