With AgenaTrader, an excellent software that is exclusively available at FXFlat and at no additional cost, you can move in the market like a professional - without any programming knowledge at all.

AgenaTrader Mercury supports traders who want to trade discretionary. The Mercury version has a huge range of features, including the powerful (C#) AgenaScript, which opens up unimagined possibilities for full automation. With the multi-time unit view in charting, all you need to do is load a symbol or instrument list and you will automatically be presented with your desired time units in a chart group. The time units can be easily changed to any time you want to see.

Your Advantage with FXFlat

As an FXFlat customer, you will receive the AgenaTrader Mercury software free of charge and without terms of use to your capitalized live account. Furthermore, for all products that you can trade at FXFlat (except futures), you will receive the data free of charge from FXFlat and do not need an external data feed.

Simply fill out the order form on this page and you will promptly receive the license key via email.

If you already have an existing CFD account, you can request a license key using the form below

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AgenaTrader in combination with MetaTrader 5 also allows trading via the MetaTrader desktop application, smartphone and WebTrader.

If you already have an AgenaTrader license, please send us your license key to [email protected] so that we can link your license to the CFD account.

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Would you like to test the software for free?

Of course there is also the possibility to test AgenaTrader for free and without any obligation (in the Andromeda version!) For you. You have 30 days time to test the software through its paces.
The trial version automatically expires after the test phase - an extension of this period is not possible!

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