AgenaTrader Tools

Advanced Charting

  • Utilize approx. 120 different indicators as well as self-coded signals
  • Use all of the drawing objects you could ever need for trading
  • Various price representations like Renko, Kagi, P&F, equity volume etc.
  • Integrate indicators from higher time frames
  • Trade using comfortable chart trading
  • Action bar to activate or deactivate standard indicators, instrument lists and time frames
  • Let the system show you chart formations, such as SHS, flags, triangles, etc.


  • Record entire trading days tick by tick
  • Download tick data for several trading days from your data provider
  • Practice and train using these data, without actually taking any risks
  • Use an integrated trade simulation account to become familiar with the markets

Order options

  • Chart trading: Place orders in the chart by clicking
  • Simply use the default order pad
  • Place complete setups using the Order Escort
  • Trade using the Forex pad
  • Place orders within the Level 3 Inside Market Box
  • Take advantage of the dynamic DOMs
  • New order types like scale orders, dynamic orders & soft stop orders

Automated trading

  • Integrated C# AgenaScript interface
  • Build your own strategies
  • Generate Indicators
  • Entry, stop and target conditions easily by yourself
  • Develop signals from existing indicators
  • Import indicators and strategies from an external system such as NinjaTrader

Trading center

All at a glance, your accounts, positions, trades, orders and executions in different trading tabs.

Info center

  • Stay informed via system and application messages
  • Manage price and time alerts
  • Check running strategies
  • Load and manage your replay data
  • Create trading notes in a calendar

Web tab

  • Avoid disruption by preventing the trading platform by overlapping with a browser
  • Let the browser become a part of your trading platform
  • Integrate your favorites directly into the trading platform
  • Launch trading charts - for example Facebook - directly in your trading environment

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