CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Trade with a Low Intraday Margin

Futures Trading with FXFlat at EUREX and CME

FXFlat provides you with direct access to the European futures exchange EUREX as well as the Chicago-based futures exchange CME for futures trading.

For this purpose, we offer you Level 2 Tick-by-Tick data from the aforementioned futures exchanges, which can be subscribed to on a monthly basis.
FXFlat clients can choose between EUREX real-time quotes and CME real-time quotes via CQG. The fees for EUREX real-time quotes at FXFlat are 20 € per month, and for CME, they are 36 € per month. At FXFlat, you pay an all-inclusive price for futures trading. Therefore, the exchange fee is not billed separately but is included in a fixed price per contract.

In futures trading, there are intraday and overnight margin requirements. The margin requirement at FXFlat is only a small percentage of the EUREX margin requirement intraday (about 10%). Thus, the intraday margin requirement for a Micro-DAX Future is only 68.00 € per contract.

At FXFlat, active clients receive free real-time quotes from Eurex if they generate at least 300.00 € in commissions per month with EUREX futures.
For CME real-time quotes, the minimum commission is 300.00 € per month with CME futures. If the minimum commission is not met, the external fee will be fully charged to the trading account.

The Advantages of Futures Trading with FXFlat

  • From € 0.80 per contract including all costs
  • Very low margin requirement
  • Stable and reliable trading platform
  • Free real-time courses for active traders
  • Professional trading tools
  • WebTrader & MobileTrader included
  • Orderflow trading via ATAS
  • Order book view with level 2 data

Tradeable Futures with FXFlat

Benefit from our low margin requirements. More details about Futures can be found in the contract specifications.

Registration for Futures Trading

If you are interested in futures trading as an FXFlat client, you can quickly and easily register here and we will activate futures trading on your trading account.

For futures trading with FXFlat, a MetaTrader 5 account is required. If you only have a MetaTrader 4 account, a MetaTrader 5 account will also be set up for you.

The market data fees are deducted from the trading account with the start of the subscription and on the first busines day of each subsequent month, as long as the services are active. Generally, future trading customers receive free market data for the selected exchanges provided they meet the minimum commissions. At FXFlat, tick-by-tick real-time quotes are offered by CQG. The sum of commissions for free EUREX quotes are €300.00 per month with EUREX Futures. The sum of commissions for free US quotes is €300.00 per month with CME futures. If the customer does not reach this minimum amount of commissions, the fee will be charged to the trading account. The customer hereby confirms that he understands and accepts this regulation.

¹The monthly fee is waived when the minimum commission amount per month is reached.

²The monthly fee of both market data is waived upon reaching the minimum commission amount separately in both EUREX and CME futures per month.

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Futures Expiration Dates

Further Information

Details regarding the execution policy can be found here.

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