CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


From the beginning well-known and renowned speakers accompany you as a trader at FXFlat. The topics in our webinars and seminars range from trading strategies, risk and money moneymanment, algo trading, live trading to stock market psychology and behavioral finance.

Orkan Kuyas 

Orkan Kuyas is a senior portfolio manager who has been trading on the stock market since 1999 and is one of the most well-known and popular traders in Europe. Trading stocks and futures is part of his daily business, as is trading CFDs and derivatives.

Kuyas' self-developed chart strategy combined with order flow trading, as well as clearly defined entry and exit signals, characterize Kuyas' trading style. He also revolutionizes the stock market with the seasonal and statistical trading strategy he developed, successfully managing an eight-digit million sum with these strategies for years. He is the author of the successful book "The Big Book of Trading".

More about Orkan Kuyas:

Orkan Kuyas

Mario Lüddemann

Not all coaching is the same... Especially in the area of financial markets and stock exchanges it is essential to have an extremely competent, longtime experienced and successful trading coach at your side. Mario Lüddemann follows a market technical trading approach, with which he trades both movements and corrections extremely profitably.
In his trading it is important to find the prominent points in the chart as precisely as possible where large movements occur. He converts the trades into shares, futures and CFDs. In addition, he trades almost all underlyings from the minute chart upwards to the daily chart.

More about Mario Lüddemann:

Lüddemann Coaching

Mario Lüddemann's screening service (4-week test for 1€)

Dirk Hilger

Dirk Hilger is developer of the platform "StereoTrader" and since the 90s closely connected with the stock exchange and computer science. As a passionate price-action trader, his focus is on the DAX. Its combination of (partial) automation and alternative trading approaches goes far beyond conventional techniques.

More about Dirk Hilger:

StereoTrader at FXFlat
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Thorsten Helbig

Thorsten Helbig is a passionate full-blooded trader and has been active on the stock exchange for 16 years, best known as "The Travelling Trader". During the summer months he tours Europe with his motorhome and earns his income while travelling.
Thorsten Helbig does not rely on complicated or expensive indicators, but rather on clear, simple strategies and a minimum of time. His motto is "It's not the big ones who eat the little ones, but the fast ones who eat the slow ones.

In the weekly trading webinars he uses the forexPRO systems and the StereoTrader as support and always explains live the approaches of his trading strategies. Questions from participants are not only allowed, but also very welcome.  
Around him is his community, which with over 800 active traders is probably one of the largest in Germany.

More about Thorsten Helbig:

EuroPro & DowPro mit dem StereoTrader

Thorsten Eberhart

Thorsten Eberhart holds a degree in economics and worked in the extractive industry for more than 20 years. During this time, he accompanied international projects with on-site stays overseas. He discovered his passion for the stock market as a teenager and has now been an active trader and investor for over 20 years. With Options4Winners, Thorsten Eberhart wants to make options trading socially acceptable.

More about Thorsten Eberhart:
youtube: options4winners

Oliver Najjar

Oliver Najjar is an independent trader and educational trading coach with a focus on market techniques.
He favours the diversified trading of almost all markets and products in all trend sizes. Especially the classical intraday trading with futures on the futures markets is the core of his daily work.
His website is due to the fact that more and more stock exchange enthusiasts want to learn the market-technically oriented stock exchange trading in an exclusive 1 to 1 coaching with him. Mr. Najjar receives very good feedback from the participants with his special approach and especially with the didactics of how he leads the coaching sessions - his demands on himself are only fulfilled when he has brought 100% added value to the participant.

More about Oliver Najjar:


David Warney

David Warney comes from the capital Berlin and started his education in 2007 with a Berlin asset management. His responsibilities included the development and optimization of trading strategies, the programming and execution of backtesting and the programming of fully automated trading systems and their support.A few months after the beginning of the training his interest in trading was awakened. At age 18, he opened and capitalized his first deposits. Then began the typical course of a trader: one depot after the other was driven against the wall, read various books and attended seminars. A few years later, the goal was finally reached: profitable trading. After nine years, he quit asset management and started his own business. Today, David Warney is a trader and managing director of several companies, including FXFlat partner Algo-Camp.David Warney trades mainly US and German stocks, foreign exchange, ETFs and - depending on the setup - also futures.

In 2020 he started the podcast "Börsen-Beat" which deals with all topics of the stock market that a trader likes to hear.

More about David Warney:

Algo-Camp at FXFlat


Nelson Cardoso Neto

A graduate in business administration and a certified Eurex dealer, he discovered his passion for the stock market in 2010 and turned his hobby into a career in 2015. In addition to the traditional markets such as the stock market and options market, he is particularly interested in the forex market and the economic relationships of the currencies. At FXFlat he is responsible for the planning and moderation of the seminars and weekly webinars.

André Stagge

André Stagge has been working intensively for 22 years on the topics of stock exchange, trading and investment. For 10 years he worked as a senior portfolio manager for a large German fund management company. There he was mainly responsible for the topic of overlay management in FX. His daily duties included the active trading of currencies, futures and options with the mission of gaining market neutrality. His annual profit target was in the double-digit million range. The basis of his trading is a rule-based investment process consisting of fundamental and technical factors. In addition, he was responsible for four funds, most recently over 2.5 billion assets under management were large. In his playing days as a fund manager, André Stagge has been able to generate over 500 million euros in profits (at cost) for his investors. He graduated with a degree in business administration from the University of Mannheim. He is a certified Eurex dealer, Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). André Stagge regularly lectures at Börsenvereinen and VTAD and since 2013 he has been a lecturer in Banking Management (BankColleg) at the GenoAkademie. As part of his lecturing activities, he holds full-time seminars for employees and executives of credit institutions on the topics of "portfolio management" and "financial mathematics". Since 2017 André Stagge is a lecturer on "Asset Management" at the International School of Management (ISM) in Frankfurt.

More about André Stagge:

André Stagge

Martin Goersch

Martin Goersch has been active as a trader on the international stock exchanges since 2003. Already during his studies in economics he actively traded shares, warrants and certificates. Later, he expanded his field of activity to the premier league of the trade - the futures. Even today, as head of trading for a Swiss asset management company, he is active daily on the American futures exchanges. As a convinced trend follower, Martin Goersch predominantly takes positions in the direction of the overall trend. He relies heavily on levels of support and resistance, which he quickly made on the charts through years of experience. He pays special attention to an asymmetric opportunity-risk distribution. He uses traditional technical charting techniques to verify stops and potential targets in each market.

More about Martin Goersch:


Carsten Berger

Carsten Berger is an official training partner of the AgenaTrader trading software. In numerous trainings around the AgenaTrader, be it in personal coaching, seminars, workshops or in LIVE webinars like the one here with us, Carsten Berger imparts profound knowledge about the trading software.

Carsten Berger acquired his comprehensive AgenaTrader knowledge through his 20 years of trading experience in the area of shares, CFDs, warrants, leverage certificates and ETFs. He specialized in workflow optimization and condition creation.


More about Carsten Berger:


Norman Welz

Norman Welz is trained in classical psychology, neuroscience, biopsy psychology, existential analysis, logotherapy, NLP, hypnosis according to Milton Erickson and various coaching methods.
He worked as a therapist for many years in a specialist institute for overcoming fear and optimising the performance of top athletes.
In Hamburg, he runs a private practice for psychotherapy and is also an employee and management consultant at the renowned Fürstenberg Institute, which also includes the renowned hypnotherapist Gunter Schmidt and the internationally renowned neuroscientist Gerald Hüther.

Norman Welz is a trained journalist, editor and presenter of thousands of live programmes: NDR, ARD, ARD Tagesschau. TV director/ author: ARD, VOX, Premiere.
Developer of the bettermind®-Coaching-Program for traders as well as producer and developer of TRADERS TALK.
Also bestselling author: "TRADINGPSYCHOLOGIE - So denken und handeln die Profis"

Gilbert Kreuzthaler

After working as a banker for several years, Gilbert Kreuzthaler completed further training and graduated from the Technical College for Information Technology and Business Informatics. Afterwards, Mr. Kreuzthaler worked for about 20 years as a software engineer, requirements manager, project manager and external project consultant for various international software and financial services groups such as BAWAG/PSK Austria, Ceska Sporitelna, Unisys International, Allianz Austria/Suisse and Allianz SE. In 1999 he started to focus on EOD-Swing trading. After professional trading training in Germany and New York, he gradually switched to intraday trading. In the years 2007/2008 he changed for about 1.5 years to a US-American prop trading company. As founder and CEO of, Gilbert Kreuzthaler is responsible for the architecture and design of AgenaTrader Basic as well as for the development of the components that support trading with AgenaTrader ++ and for the worldwide launch of the trading platform and its future services.

More about AgenaTrader:

AgenaTrader Mercury bei FXFlat


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