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Sustainability through long-term support

FXFlat has been supporting selected social institutions for many years. From large recognised organisations to local projects, the focus is always on people in difficult life situations and illness-related crises. Helping them and supporting them with regular donations is a matter of concern to us.

Fortunately, we have been able to continuously increase the amount of donations year after year. Here you can see an overview of the projects we support.

Aktion Mensch - The we wins

FXFlat supports Aktion Mensch with the purchase of Aktion Mensch tickets, thus supporting up to 1,000 social projects per month. Aktion Mensch is committed to a society in which differences are normal. The goal is for the WE to win.

With Aktion Mensch, you can win with one ticket. At the same time, you support projects that help to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, children and young people. 

Aktion Mensch offers the opportunity to get involved in society and make a concrete difference. Fulfilling dreams, passing on opportunities, contributing to a diverse and better coexistence - this is a matter close to Aktion Mensch‘s heart.

Aktion Lichtblicke e. V. - Donations for Corona sufferers

The effects of the Corona crisis affect the whole of society, but some have been hit extremely hard. FXFlat is donating to Aktion Lichtblicke, which provides targeted financial support to families with children who have found themselves in an existentially threatening situation due to the weeks-long standstill in social life.

Aktion Lichtblicke e. V. is particularly concerned with people who have suffered severe blows of fate: The weak and disadvantaged in our society who have no lobby for their concerns. Here, it is above all children who suffer most from the emergency situations into which their families fall. Aktion Lichtblicke wants to be the lobby and voice of the smallest and most needy and actively help them in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Aidshilfe Düsseldorf & HEARTBREAKER

FXFlat always supports the Aidshilfe Düsseldorf and HEARTBREAKER - the sponsorship group of the Aidshilfe Düsseldorf. 

The Aidshilfe Düsseldorf e.V. helps people affected by AIDS and HIV by offering a comprehensive range of education and information, self-help, counselling and support, care and nursing.

HEARTBREAKER as a support group of the Aidshilfe Düsseldorf has been involved in various projects and aid campaigns for many years in order to promote the work of the Aidshilfe Düsseldorf and to secure it financially. As an independent association, HEARTBREAKER is able to professionally plan, organise and carry out fundraising measures and thus supports the concerns of people with HIV and Aids financially and ideally.

Breast Cancer Counselling Centre »zebra«

FXFlat Bank has been supporting the breast cancer counselling centre „zebra“ for many years. This non-profit association is regarded as the first point of contact for women suffering from breast cancer and as an information centre for all those involved. The broad „zebra“ network consists of highly professional experts from various disciplines such as gynaecologists, radiologists, breast surgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists, psycho-oncologists and women who are and have been affected by breast cancer themselves. The focus of every consultation is the affected woman and her relatives with their current questions and concerns.

The aims of the association are to improve the treatment of breast cancer and to further develop technology, science, early detection, prevention and treatment concepts, as well as to raise public awareness of the issue of breast cancer.

Diakonie Düsseldorf - for people in need

FXFlat supports the Diakonie Düsseldorf with a targeted donation for homeless women. With the specialist counselling centre for women, the Diakonie helps those affected and their relatives with a wide range of counselling services and referrals to suitable services offered by other specialist centres.

As a welfare organisation, the Diakonie in Düsseldorf has a long tradition with the city of Düsseldorf. 3,600 full-time and voluntary employees are committed to the people of the city at 160 locations - and help them to shape their future.

It`s for Kids - Donations for child protection projects

To support child protection projects, FXFlat donates to the fundraising organisation It‘s for Kids. The foundation aims to protect those who cannot do so themselves - maltreated, abused and disadvantaged children. Donations are forwarded directly to various children‘s aid projects throughout Germany. Additional funds are raised through the foundation‘s numerous active and creative fundraising campaigns.

It‘s for Kids supports a variety of charitable and serious child protection projects in the areas of children and education, children and health, children and nature as well as prevention facilities.

Children‘s and youth hospice Regenbogenland

The Regenbogenland Children‘s and Youth Hospice in Düsseldorf is a home for children, adolescents and young adults who only have a limited life expectancy due to a life-shortening illness or a severe disability. The children‘s and youth hospice is a place where the focus is on life and the joy of living.

It is an institution that wants to help families to make the time they have left together with their child as fulfilling and positive as possible.

In 2012, the FXFlat team constantly takes part in the B2Run, the proceeds of which from the approximately 7000 participants and 300 companies were donated to the Regenbogenland children‘s and youth hospice. With an additional donation and many more in the following years, the goal was to permanently support such an important institution.

German Red Cross for Japan

FXFlat also reacts with spontaneous help: Shortly after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, we decided to make a donation to the German Red Cross. These funds were used to support the Japanes Red Cross, which is one of the strongest Red Cross societies in the world with over 2 million active volunteers. After an FXFlat newsletter on this topic, we were even able to convince clients to participate with a donation.

Susanne Raming School - sports opportunities for pupils with special educational needs

FXFlat also supports smaller, individual projects. The Susanne Raming School is a state-recognised day school for pupils with a special educational need for mental development. Here, special emphasis is placed on the personal care of each learner and a conducive working atmosphere.

As children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities are often excluded from sports opportunities, FXFlat supported the school‘s „skiing holiday project“, which offers children the opportunity to learn the special skill of skiing.

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