The Trader Workstation account allows you to trade options in over 17 countries. Trade well-tried option strategies such as "Cash Secured Puts" and "Covered Calls".

Of course, Trader Workstation also offers you the possibility to trade much more complex strategies and option combinations.
Options on stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and futures can be traded.

Benefit from a quick and easy transmission of option orders via our trading platform.
+ EU options from 1.90 EUR
+ US options from 2.90 USD
+ Trade quickly and effectively in many attractive trading venues

In order to implement your strategies profitably, Trader Workstation offers you some powerful tools within the trading platform.

These include the Optiontrader, the Option Strategy Lab, the Strategy Builder and much more:


The OptionTrader is the trading tool for all option traders.
View the current market prices, look at the Greeks and manage your options orders.
Adapt the OptionTrader to your own needs, create complex option strategies and place combination orders directly from the tool.

Option Strategy Lab

With the Option Strategy Lab you can create and place simple and complex multi-part option orders based on your price and volatility forecast.

Enjoy the many advantages of the Option Strategy Lab, such as Filter results by rewards, delta, base price and / or due dates. Furthermore, you can adjust the details of the strategy components and order parameters and then place the order directly from the lab at the trading venue.
In the performance comparison chart, you can graphically display and compare the profit and loss of up to five strategies.

Strategy Builder

With just a few clicks, the Strategy Builder enables you to create and trade an individual combination of options. You can create combinations conveniently and easily, e.g. Bull Call Spread or Calendar Spread and add them to the Strategy Builder. With a few clicks, the order is specified and transmitted.

Options at expiration date

Options have different effects on your portfolio at expiration, depending on whether they are in the money or out of the money.

This page gives you a brief overview of how expiring option positions are handled.

Basically, FXFlat/IB has the following rules:

If you as an FXFlat client have "contrary intentions", you have to inform us explicitly in the TWS option exercise window if you:

You should also be aware that it can lead to different actions on your portfolio depending on the option and positioning.

Of course, you always have the possibility to react before the expiration date and manage your option positions.


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