Trader Workstation (TWS)

The Trader Workstation (TWS) is a trading platform developed by experts. It allows traders, investors and institutional clients to trade various products, such as stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange, bonds and funds at over 135 stock exchanges worldwide from a single account. With the Trader Workstation at FXFlat Wertpapierinstitut you optimize the speed and efficiency of your trading activities.

Download TWS

Select one of the TWS versions to download and install the platform. Once the software has been installed, you can log in to the platform by double-clicking the newly created TWS icon on your desktop. If you prefer to perform updates manually, you can use the offline installation programs.

TWS Latest

The latest version of the TWS, which includes all new functions. The TWS Lastest Version updates itself automatically upon login if an update is available.

TWS Latest Windows 64bit TWS Latest Linux 64bit TWS Latest Mac

TWS Latest Windows 32bit TWS Latest Linux 32bit

TWS Stable

A stable version of the TWS, which is updated less frequently, but offers maximum stability. This version does not contain all the latest features. This version also updates itself automatically when an update is available.

TWS Windows 64bit TWS Linux 64bit TWS Mac

TWS Windows 32bit TWS Linux 32bit

TWS Offline-Version

The offline installation packages contain everything you need to install and use the TWS. The installed offline version does not update itself automatically. If a new version of the TWS is released, you must manually download it and reinstall the offline program. If you prefer automatic updates of the TWS, please install one of the above versions with automatic updates.

TWS Latest Offline Windows 64bit TWS Latest Offline Linux 64bit TWS Latest Offline Mac

TWS Latest Offline Windows 32bit TWS Latest Offline Linux 32bit

System Requirements TWS


TWS Mosaic

The Mosaic version of the TWS is characterized by its intuitive design and immediate usability. Gain quick and easy access to comprehensive trading, order management, charting, watchlist and portfolio tools, combined in a single workspace that you can customize as you wish.

  • Single window access to TWS tools for trading, orders, live quotes, technical research and analysis.
  • The portfolio display provides an overview of the most important account information and details of positions at a glance. Define and directly transmit orders in the order entry window. Use the order monitor to track and modify active orders and to view executed and cancelled orders.
  • Create orders directly attached to the "Orders" section, such as bracket, stop limit, take profit or one-cancel-all orders, as well as beta, FX or pair hedging orders.
  • Add multiple watch lists to display financial instruments in groups and create individual market scanners.
  • Add gradients, lines and bars in the market scanner to make trends and patterns easy to spot.
  • Display interactive, customizable charts that support numerous studies and trend lines.
  • View general news as a real-time stream, with the ability to filter by specific topics or use real-time streams for news on a specific underlying asset.
  • Which enhance Mosaic's performance by subscribing to premium news services and market observer analyses from renowned providers such as Reuters, Dow Jones, Morningstar and Zacks.
  • Build a custom workspace from your favorite tools that fits your trading needs.
  • Use the color grouping function to color-link individual display windows and ticker symbol activities so that a symbol is automatically adjusted in all color-linked windows.

TWS Classic Version

In addition to the modern Mosaic version, the TWS offers a classic version. It is for all traders who need more complex tools and algorithms. The classic window layout offers you a quick click order placement function via bid and ask prices. The order line is displayed directly below the market data line.


Real-time control over your account

With the real-time control system you can check the current status of your account at any time. In an ever-changing market environment, you are ahead of others with this system.

Account overview

Here you can view account balances, margin requirements, available balances for transactions, market value and portfolio data for all products in customized and clear account views.

Margin requirements

Track and keep control of your margin requirements. A quick overview of potential bottlenecks can help you avoid closing positions. You can also use the hypothetical portfolio margin calculation to display your margin requirements using the portfolio margin system.


Check the daily net trading results and executions sorted by ticker symbols in our expandable trading report.


Create watch lists where you can monitor products using real-time quotes based on your market data subscriptions. Depending on your personal trading method, you can create, enlarge / reduce and move multiple individually named watch list windows.


Create real-time alerts on price, time, margin and trading volume. These alerts can inform you of important changes in the market environment.

Profit and loss

Check your profit and loss statement in the trading window and in the account overview.

Order types and algos

The Trader Workstation can access more than 100 order types and algorithms. Different order types and algorithms can help you limit risk, speed up execution, use discretion, optimize market timing and simplify trading processes through advanced trading features.

Risk management

The risk assessment technology advanced in TWS can help you manage risks in a dynamic market environment.

IB Risk Navigator

The IB Risk Navigator is a real-time market risk management platform that allows you to fully assess the potential risks in many asset classes worldwide.


Use this advanced option pricing tool to change pricing assumptions and incorporate them into model pricing calculations.

Option Analytics

Use the option analysis window to display the value that reflects the rate of change of the option price relative to a unit in several risk dimensions.

Supported trading modules

The Trader Workstation offers the right tool for every situation. Find out here which trading modules are integrated in the TWS and expand your trading options.

  • BookTrader

    Trade directly from the order book, including market depth. Very well suited for fast trading in stocks, futures and options. In day trading, the trading module offers a comprehensive overview.
    Learn more: BookTrader

  • OptionTrader

    All globally tradable options at hand. The perfect tool for the active option trader. In a single window, you can view market data on the underlying instrument, create and manage options orders (including combined orders), and use a full description of all option chains available on OptionTrader.
    Learn more: OptionTrader

  • BasketTrader

    With this trading module, order combinations can be placed for different classes of securities. Do you like to trade shares, futures or options in parallel? Then this software is perfect for you.
    Learn more: BasketTrader

  • FXTrader

    Use the optimized FXTrader to trade the foreign exchange markets. The functional scope of this tool includes price quotes based on real-time feeds, up and down indicators, and visualization of trading volumes, open transactions, executions, positions, average prices and profit and loss statement.
    Learn more: FXTrader

  • ScaleTrader

    With this tool you can place a large number of order sequences and automatically buy at low prices or stop or enter at high prices.
    Learn more: ScaleTrader

  • Integrated Stock Fenster

    A window for a single security that contains the most important information about that security: current price, change, market depth level 1 and 2 and much more. With the "Auto" function, automatic order specifications can be programmed and executed fully automatically.
    Learn more: Integrated Stock Fenster

  • ChartTrader

    With this professional chart program indicators, pivots and trend lines can be added. There are different time frames, from tick charts to daily charts, and different types of charts such as line, bar and candlestick charts.
    Learn more: ChartTrader
  • SpreadTrader

    Create your own spreads when you trade futures or options. Managing futures spreads is now easier than ever. With SpreadTrader on the Trader Workstation, you can manage futures spreads quickly and easily in a single window.
    Learn more: SpreadTrader

  • Option Strategy Lab

    With Option Strategy Lab you can create and place simple and complex multi-part option orders based on your price and volatility forecasts.
    Learn more: Option Strategy Lab

  • Probability Lab

    The Probability Lab offers a practical opportunity to take a closer look at the options without having to deal with complex mathematical backgrounds.
    Learn more: Probability Lab





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