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Futures are standardized exchange-traded forward contracts that can be traded on a variety of underlyings. With futures you get access to stock indices, commodities from the agricultural and energy sector as well as metals, currencies and other sectors. At FXFlat you have access to the largest futures exchanges in the world with one account.

Important Exchanges


EUREX is the largest European futures exchange, which is particularly known for the FDAX, EURO STOXX and Bund futures.
CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The CME is one of the world's most important futures exchanges. Here, the well-known US indices S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 can be traded as futures contracts. In addition, the CME offers a broad product portfolio of currencies and commodities.

CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade

The CBOT is the oldest futures exchange in the world and has always been well-known. Here you will find the Dow Jones future as well as many other commodity futures on corn, soybeans and wheat.

NYBOT - New York Board of Trade

The NYBOT focusses entirely on trading futures contracts on commodities, first and foremost on cocoa, cotton, orange juice, sugar and more.

NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange

NYMEX is the trading place for futures and options on crude oil, natural gas and the common precious metals such as palladium, gold and silver.


Benefit with a Trader Workstation account from the particularly favorable conditions at FXFlat. Trade from as little as EUR 0.80 per contract on the EUREX and the US futures exchanges.

CountryPrice per contract (halfturn)Popular future contracts
Germany – Micro-DAX-Futurefrom EUR 0.80FDXS
Germany – Mini-DAX-Futurefrom EUR 0.90FDXM
Germanyfrom EUR 1.90FDAX, FGBL, FGBS, FSTX
USA – Micro E-mini Futuresfrom USD 0.90MYM, MES, MNQ, M2K, M6E, MGC
USA - E-mini futuresfrom USD 2.90YM, ES, NQ, RTY, GC

Market Data Subscriptions

At FXFlat you have the full choice between hundreds of exchanges worldwide, which can be enhanced individually or in a package with live data. Here we briefly present the most important market data subscriptions with the most popular futures contracts.

A detailed complete list of all market data subscriptions as well as instructions on how to proceed can be found on our market data subpage.

CountryExchangeFees per monthSymbols
GermanyEUREX Core Level 2EUR 13.00FDAX, FDXM, FDXS, FGBL
USACME Real-Time Level 2USD 11.00ES, NQ, HE
USACBOT Real-Time Level 2USD 11.00YM, ZB, ZC
USANYMEX Real-Time Level 2USD 11.00CL, RB, NG

Market Data Bundles for US futures

[fee / month]
[fee / month]
US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle

Contains CME Group Futures Level 1, snapshots of US stocks
Quotes for: Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, OTC market quotes
USD 10.00
+ additionally USD 0.01 per snapshot for US stocks
US Futures Value Bundle Plus

Contains Level 2 data for: CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX

condition: US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle must already be subscribed to.
USD 5.00-





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