Data Activation

The data supply plays a fundamental role in the trading experience. With a Trader Workstation account at FXFlat you have not only absolute freedom in the choice of your trading instruments and stock exchanges, but also in your live quote data supply.

You can independently subscribe and unsubscribe your desired market data subscriptions in the account management in the client portal.

In addition, the Client Portal can be accessed in the TWS via Account -> Account Management Home Page (see screenshot below).


Within the account management you can access the market data subscription by extending the main menu in the upper left corner. Then go to the user settings via Settings. From here, you can access the Trading Platform area, where you can set the market data by clicking on the gear icon.



From here you can now access the area for managing your market data. Here you will find all the information collected on available and booked market data subscriptions.



The personal subscriber status can be viewed in the "Market Data Subscriber Status" area. Furthermore, the U-account to be debited can be seen in the overview. A change of the data for the "Non-Professional-Status" can also be changed in the mask via the gear symbol.


Market data and realtime courses

Realtime quotes are not mandatory to be able to trade at FXFlat. Without a subscription we provide you with time-delayed (usually 10-20 minutes delayed), free market data for a large part of the provided trading places.

The real-time data will be made available to you at the above mentioned conditions. You can order these independently after capitalization of the live account in the Client Portal under Settings -> User Settings (see instructions above). Before you can do so, you must first unlock the corresponding securities otherwise no real-time quotes will be displayed, despite subscribed data.

The market data is provided by Global Financial Information Services GmbH. On behalf of Global Financial Information Services GmbH your regional broker collects fees and taxes for such data.

Note: In connection with the provision of these services, you are responsible for any applicable taxes in addition to market data fees. As a customer, you will see this sales tax on your account statement under -> Change in NAV and in the cash report.





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