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Indices Europe

GermanyIBEU50Euro 50 Index CFD
ESTX50DJ Eurostoxx 50 (Europe)Index, Options, Futures, Warrants, Certificates
IBDE30Germany 30 Index CFD
DAXGerman Stock Index (Germany)Index, Options, Futures, Warrants, Certificates
UKIBGB100UK 100 Index CFD
ZFTSE 100 Index LIFFE (UK)Index, Options, Futures, Certificates
FranceIBFR40France 40 Index CFD
CAC40CAC 40 Index (France)Index, Options, Futures, Warrants, Certificates
SwitzerlandIBCH20Switzerland 20 Index CFD
SMISwiss Market Index (Switzerland)Index, Options, Futures, Warrants, Certificates
ItaliaIBIT40Italia 40 Index CFD
FTMIBMILAN MIB Index (Italia)Index, Options, Futures, Certificates
SpainIBES35Spain 35 Index CFD
IBEX35IBEX35 Index (Spain)Index, Futures, Certificates
NetherlandsIBNL25Netherlands 25 Index CFD
EOEAMS EOE Index (Netherlands) Index, Options, Futures, Certificates

Indices North America

INDUDow Jones Industrial AverageIndex, Warrants, Certificates
YMMini Sized Dow Jones FutureIndex, Futures, Options
MYMMicro E-MiniFutures
NDXNASDAQ 100Index, Options, Warrants, Certificates
NQE-Mini NASDAQ 100Index, Futures, Options
MNQMicro E-MiniFutures
S&PIBUS500US 500 IndexCFD
SPXS&P 500Index, Options, Futures, Warrants, Certificates
ESE-mini S&P 500 FuturesIndex, Futures, Options
SPY S&P 500 ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
MESMicro E-MiniFutures
RussellRUTRussel 2000Index, Futures, Options
TFRussel 2000 MiniIndex, Futures, Options
RYORussel 1000Index, Futures, Options
M2KMicro E-MiniFutures
TSXTSXS&P/TSX Composite CanadaIndex, Futures

Indices Asia / Australia

AsiaIBJP225Japan 225 Index CFD
N225Nikkei 225 (Japan)Index, Options, Warrants, Certificates
IBHK50Hong Kong 50 Index CFD
HSIHang Seng Index (China)Index, Options, Futures, Warrants, Certificates
AustraliaSPIS&P/ASX 200 (Australia)Index, Options, Futures
IBAU200Australia 200 Index CFD


Metals GCGold Future (NYMEX)Index, Futures, Options
MGCE-Micro Gold (NYMEX)Index, Futures
XAUUSDGold Spot, London OTCFuture, Options, Warrants, Certificates
GLDSPDR Gold Shares ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
YGMini sized Gold Future, NYSELIFFEIndex, Futures, Options
QOComex Mini Gold, NYMEXIndex, Futures
SISilver Future, NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
SLViShares Silver Trust (Silver ETF)ETF (shares), Options, CFD
YIMini Sized Silver Future, NYSELIFFEIndex, Futures, Options
XAGUSDSilver Spot, London OTCFuture, Options, Warrants, Certificates
QIComex Mini Silver, NYMEXIndex, Futures
HG Copper, NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
PLPlatinum, NYMEXIndex, Futures
EnergyHOHeating Oil, NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
BZBrent (Brent Crude Oil), NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
WTIWTI (West Texas Intermediate), IPEIndex, Futures, Options
QMLight Crude Sweet Oil MINY, NYMEXIndex, Futures
CLCrude Oil (Light Crude Sweet Oil), NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
RBRBOB Gasoline, NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
NGNatural Gas, NYMEXIndex, Futures, Options
AgrarCCcocoa, NYBOTIndex, Futures, Options, Certificates
ZWwheat, ECBOTIndex, Futures, Options
ZOoat, ECBOTIndex, Futures, Options
ZRrough rice, ECBOTIndex, Futures, Options
ZSsoybean, ECBOTIndex, Futures, Options
ZLsoybean oil, ECBOTIndex, Futures, Options
KC or KTcoffee, NYBOTIndex, Futures, Options
SBsugar, NYBOTIndex, Futures, Options
OJorange juice, NYBOTIndex, Futures, Options
CTcotton #2, NYBOTIndex, Futures, Options
ZCcorn, ECBOTIndex, Futures, Options
GFfeeder cattle, CMEFutures, Options
LBrandom length lumber, CMEFutures, Options

Sector-ETFs (SPDR)

XLYConsumer Discretionary SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLPConsumer Staples SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLFFinancials SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLVHealth Care SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLKTechnology SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLIIndustrial SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLUUtilities SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLEEnergy SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD
XLBMaterials SPDR ETFETF (shares), Options, CFD

Volatility assets

VIXCBOE Volatility IndexIndex, Futures, Options, Certificates
VXXVIX LongETN (shares)
SVXYShort VIX Short-Term FutureETN (shares)
VDAXDAX VolatilityindexIndex
OVXCBOE Crude Oil Volatility IndexIndex, Futures
RVXRussel 2000 Volatility IndexIndex, Futures, Options

Interest assets

IBCBOT 30Y. Interest Rate SwapIndex, Futures
GBMEuro BOBL (5 Y. Bond)Index, Futures, Options
GBLEuro BUND (10 Y. Bond)Index, Futures, Options
GBSEuro SCHATZ (2 Y. Bond)Index, Futures, Options
GBXEuro BUXL (15-30 Y. Bond)Index, Futures
EUREUR Future 125000Cash, Futures, Options
E7EUR Future 62500Futures
M6EEUR Future 12500Futures





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