Account & payment transactions

Trader Workstation AccountFees
Account managementFree of charge
Telephone orders*Depending on the currency via Interactive Brokers
Trading Software: Trader WorkstationFree of charge
Trading Software: AgenaTraderFree of charge
Trading Software: Mobile AppFree of charge
Trading Software: WebTraderFree of charge
Dividend paymentFree of charge

Payment transactionsFees
Opening an accountFree of charge
Deposit by bank transferFree of charge
1st payout per calendar monthFree of charge
2nd and every further payout per calendar month by SEPA€1.00
2nd and every further payout in the calendar month by bank transfer€8.00

Partial Executionsfree of charge at the same day
Exposure FeeDaily Exposure Fee imposed for having a very high worst-case loss risk exposure.
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)New corporate customers need a LEI number. If you need one, you can order it in the opening process. The registration fee is €60.00 and an annual fee of $75.00.
Inactivity FeeEvery client with equity below $1,000 generates at least $1.00 in commissions each month or will be assessed the difference.

Phone numbers for telephone orders

CountryDirect DialAvailability Times CET
+41 4172 6950 0
+44 2077 1056 95
Monday - Friday
09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
USA+1 3125 4269 01Monday - Saturday
02:00 p.m. - 02:00 a.m.
Hongkong+852 2156 7907Monday - Friday
02:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

In principle, orders can only be placed online.
In case of technical problems that prevent access to these trading platforms, open positions can be closed by telephone as market orders via Interactive Brokers. New positions cannot be opened by telephone.

Please have your security questions and answers and your U-account number ready!

Please note that you can reach the English-speaking trading department of Interactive Brokers with the listed telephone numbers!

Telephone Orders to close Positions

CurrencyTelephone Orders*
USD30.00 USD per order
CAD40.00 CAD per order
MXN550.00 MXN per order
CHF30.00 CHF per order
EUR30.00 EUR per order
GBP25.00 GBP per order
NOK250.00 NOK per order
SEK250.00 SEK per order
AUD40.00 AUD per order
HKD235.00 HKD per order
INR¹2,000,00 INR per order
JPY3,000.00 JPY per order
KRW35,000.00 KRW per order
NZD40.00 NZD per order
SGD40.00 SGD per order

* Orders can only be placed by phone for orders to close positions. The stated fee is in addition to all regular commissions. If there is a technical problem on the part of IBKR, the fees will be waived.

¹ Demat fees of 4.5 INR per share (regardless of the number of shares) apply in the following cases: sale of shares, transfer from the beneficiary's account to the personal Demat account and vice versa, transfer from the personal Demat account to a Demat account with one other broker.





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