CFDs in general

Trading CFDs with test winner FXFlat

Anyone with some experience of trading with CFDs will know that the choice of broker is all important. There are several providers, but only a few repeatedly demonstrate their integrity and professionalism in quality tests run by renowned institutions and trade magazines.
FXFlat is your CFD trading partner with various awards, including the most popular CFD broker.

Open a demo account free-of-charge and with no obligation

Test CFD trading for 30 days without risk under real market conditions. If you already have experience with CFDs, you can Open a live account immediately and trade with the test winner.

Costs for CFD trading with FXFlat

Anyone trading FXFlat CFDs can rely on affordable and transparent prices. Of course, you pay for the spread, meaning the difference between the buy and sell price, but there are no other trading costs for trading with CFDs - apart from European stock CFDs. Share CFDs are tradable commission-free.

In addition, there are no financing costs for all positions that are opened and closed within a day. For all positions, both long and short positions held overnight, you pay a small financing fee according to the current market situation.

You can hold your CFD positions for days, weeks or months because there is no expiry date, but you should consider the conditions for holding overnight positions for longer periods.

Find out all prices & conditions - Account management fees, payment transactions, dividends etc. for Forex and CFD trading.

Equity CFDs

No matter how the market turns. With the German and US-American stock CFDs at FXFlat you can be part of every market phase. Reach all common values via your MetaTrader account. 

Trade your favorite stocks as an Equity CFD and use the following advantages for your trading: 

Furthermore, FXFlat offers you the possibility to trade a selection of the worldwirde most important ETFs as an CFD. Expand your trading strategies by a wide range of the worldwide most famous indices from the sector, commodity and country area. 

Commodity CFDs

Trade the most exciting commodities and metals with leverage. Whether gold, silver or oil - in CFD trading with FXFlat, a number of commodities are tradable as futures-based CFDs:

Order types available in CFD trading

FXFlat offers you numerous order types for CFD trading, which you can use to optimum effect for your open positions - either to safeguard profits or limit losses.

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