Standard Account

Below is an overview of the key features of a standard account fortrading in Futures, Forex and CFDs. Please note that Futures trading isonly possible via the MetaTrader5 trading platform. On the MetaTrader5,Futures, CFDs and Spot Forex trading are thus available on a singleaccount.

For professional customers, other parameters apply. These can be found here.

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Standard Account
(First) Depositfrom 200,- EUR
Leverage up to
Futuresfrom 1:135
Spot Forex1:200
CFDs Indices - Majors1:20
CFDs Indices - Minors1:10
Forex CFDs - Majors1:30
Forex CFDs - Minorsfrom 1:10
Gold CFDs1:20
Metals CFDs1:10
Oils CFDs1:10
Stocks DE CFDs1:5
Stocks US CFDs1:5
Interests CFDs1:5
Cryptos CFDs1:2
Weekend-Marginnormal (no duplication)
Negative Balance ProtectionYes

Compulsory liquidation

Standard Account

If the capital of the trading account falls below 100% of the minimum required margin, an automatic closing of the position takes place immediately according to the rule:
The trading position with currently open reference market and with the highest loss is first resolved to the next tradable price. This process is repeated until the total capital again exceeds 100% of the required margin requirement.







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