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The trading platform provides the foundation for successful onlinetrading. FXFlat offers a variety of technical trading solutions,technical pricing and fundamental analysis, automated trading and mobilesolutions trading.

The main trading platform for futures tradingis the MetaTrader 5, with a large number of order types, more than 82technical indicators and a professional chart program with 21 timesettings and the ability to keep up to 100 charts open at the same time.

In addition to MetaTrader, Web- & MobileTrader, FXFlat also provides other software solutions free of charge such as:


Price Data & Market Depth


The trading platform uses three basic prices of a financial instrument:
Bid - the highest price at which one is prepared to buy a financial instrument (bid price) and at the same time the best price at which one can sell a financial instrument. Ask - the lowest price at which one is prepared to sell a financial instrument (ask price) and at the same time the best price at which one can buy a financial instrument. Last - the price of the last executed trade of the respective financial instrument.

There is only one price source on the stock exchange - the stock exchange itself. The stock market brings together buyers and sellers and records all executed accounts. The orders of all market participants form a uniform market depth with genuine trading orders of market participants available on the trading platform. Based on the best orders, bid and ask prices are formed in market depth (displayed in the market overview). In addition, the stock exchange provides prices and volumes of recent trades (load and volume). Last prices are used to draw price charts and to display Time & Sales.


Futures are traded on the stock exchange and are transparent in the order book of the respective stock exchange, worldwide. The MetaTrader 5 market depth, is an order book that shows transparency, how many futures contracts are tradable at which level. In total, 20 levels are displayed on the MetaTrader. In multilateral trading on the futures exchange, the exchange is always the counterparty of the client, which provides additional security.

Algorithmic Trading


Expert Advisor are used for automated trading on the MetaTrader. Thetrading platform provides all the tools needed to develop ExpertAdvisors: The powerful MQL5 language with integrated developmentenvironment, a multi-currency strategy tester for strategy testing andoptimization, and the free library of robotic examples are availablefree of charge to all users.

The copying of signals is availablein the "Signal Service". This makes it possible to copy trades fromexperienced traders. Trades of the signal provider are copiedautomatically. Market is an app store for buying and downloading tradingrobots and technical indicators. In the "Freelance Service", there isthe possibility to get help from professional developers.





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