If you open an account with FXFlat, there are various ways of legitimation available. You have the choice between the online legitimation, PostIdent or you appear in person at your bank.

  Germany European Union EU outside EU
Online Legitimation Yes Yes Yes
Postident Yes ONLY Germany No
Legitimation at Bank Yes Yes Limited

Free Online legitimation around the clock

If you open an account at FXFlat, you can use the online legitimation. Within a few minutes you can legitimize yourself very easy and fast online. The only thing you need is to hold your valid identity card or passport ready in front of you and your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC with microphone and camera gives you access to this free service, 24 hours and 7 days a week (important information). This service meets the requirements of the German financial BaFin. Your data is kept strictly confidential.

Online Legitimation Process

  1. After submitting the application, you will see various options for your personal legitimation. Click here the Link to your Online-Legitimation. On the following page you only have to confirm the data (Fig. 1) and you will receive an SMS with your personal TAN code.
  2. In the SMS you will be asked to open a link. On the new page you can upload your ID or passport copy or create and insert a photo.
  3. After it has been sent successfully, a member of staff will ask you to read the ID number out loud and hold your document in the camera.

You can find an explanatory video for online legitimation at Deutsche Post here: Video Online-Legitimation

PostIdent Procedure

For the PostIdent procedure, please print out the following coupon. With the printed coupon, please visit a post office of your choice and use your valid ID or passport and the coupon to personally identify yourself. The respective post office clerk confirms that you were personally present.

You can generate the PostIdent coupon here:

Important remark concerning legitimation

If you intend to use your national ID or passport with no visible address as legitimation, it is necessary to submit an additional proof of address in one of the following forms:

  • Bank statement with your name and address
  • Credit card statement
  • Landline telephone bill
  • Township document
  • Utility bill (consecutive, not annual statement!)

The proof of residency may be not older than 3 months, else it cannot be accepted.

If you are unsure about sufficiency of your proof of address, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

Video legitimation via IDnow

In addition to the PostIdent procedure, you also have the option of completing your video identification via IDnow. To do this, you must enter your data on the following page to start directly in the IDnow legitimation process.After entering the data you will be redirected to IDnow. After that, the legitimation via the IDnow smartphone app or your PC/laptop with webcam can start shortly.

IDnow legitimation

Legitimation at your Bank

Alternatively, you can also legitimate yourself at your local bank or a notary. Simply use our identification sheet and make sure that all fields are filled out.

If you have chosen to legitimate with your passport a proof of address is required. Please then send us a valid copy (not older than 3 months) of one of the following documents as your address proof:


Certificate of identity

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