Deposit Guarantee

With the account opening at FXFlat Bank customer funds are secured as follows:

The statutory deposit insurance provides the basis and offers in the event of insolvency up to 90% of the investor's claim from securities transactions, up to a maximum of € 20,000.00 per investor.

In addition, we have taken out a separate insurance protection for our customers, which can cover up to 500,000.00 €, should the statutory deposit insurance no longer be sufficient.

FXFlat thus offers you three pillars for the security of your deposits!

Insurance Certificate

FXFlat is an Introducing Broker of Interactive Brokers for the Trader Workstation account. The separate deposit protection details for the Trader Workstation account can be found here.

Segregated accounts

  • Accounts segregated from company assets so that customer deposits remain independent of the broker
  • Additional reserve accounts managed by FXFlat for sufficient liquidity

Legal deposit insurance

  • FXFlat is a member of the compensation institutions of securities trading companies (EdW).
  • Compensation claim up to 90% of the claim, but not more than 20.000,00 € per investor.
  • FXFlat Bank is based in Germany

Additional insurance

  • FXFlat has concluded a voluntary insurance for its customers
  • If the legal deposit insurance of 20.000,00 € is no longer sufficient, the additional insurance concluded by FXFlat takes effect.
  • Customer funds are immediately covered up to 500.000,00 € by the additional policy
  • The extended insurance protection is free of charge for the customers

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