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Account & payment transactions

Trader Workstation AccountFees
Account managementFree of charge
Telephone orders*Depending on the currency via Interactive Brokers
Trading Software: Trader WorkstationFree of charge
Trading Software: AgenaTraderFree of charge
Trading Software: Mobile AppFree of charge
Trading Software: WebTraderFree of charge
Dividend paymentFree of charge

Payment transactionsFees
Opening an accountFree of charge
Deposit by bank transferFree of charge
1st payout per calendar monthFree of charge
2nd and every further payout per calendar month by SEPA€1.00
2nd and every further payout in the calendar month by bank transfer€8.00

Partial Executionsfree of charge at the same day
Exposure FeeDaily Exposure Fee imposed for having a very high worst-case loss risk exposure.
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)New corporate customers need a LEI number. If you need one, you can order it in the opening process. The registration fee is €60.00 and an annual fee of $75.00.
Inactivity FeeEvery client with equity below $1,000 generates at least $1.00 in commissions each month or will be assessed the difference.

Phone numbers for telephone orders

CountryDirect DialAvailability Times CET
+41 4172 6950 0
+44 2077 1056 95
Monday - Friday
09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
USA+1 3125 4269 01Monday - Saturday
02:00 p.m. - 02:00 a.m.
Hongkong+852 2156 7907Monday - Friday
02:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

In principle, orders can only be placed online.
In case of technical problems that prevent access to these trading platforms, open positions can be closed by telephone as market orders via Interactive Brokers. New positions cannot be opened by telephone.

Please have your security questions and answers and your U-account number ready!

Please note that you can reach the English-speaking trading department of Interactive Brokers with the listed telephone numbers!

Telephone Orders to close Positions

CurrencyTelephone Orders*
USD30.00 USD per order
CAD40.00 CAD per order
MXN550.00 MXN per order
CHF30.00 CHF per order
EUR30.00 EUR per order
GBP25.00 GBP per order
NOK250.00 NOK per order
SEK250.00 SEK per order
AUD40.00 AUD per order
HKD235.00 HKD per order
INR¹2,000,00 INR per order
JPY3,000.00 JPY per order
KRW35,000.00 KRW per order
NZD40.00 NZD per order
SGD40.00 SGD per order

* Orders can only be placed by phone for orders to close positions. The stated fee is in addition to all regular commissions. If there is a technical problem on the part of IBKR, the fees will be waived.

¹ Demat fees of 4.5 INR per share (regardless of the number of shares) apply in the following cases: sale of shares, transfer from the beneficiary's account to the personal Demat account and vice versa, transfer from the personal Demat account to a Demat account with one other broker.

Shares & ETFs

Country / exchangeOrder feeMinimum feeMaximum fee
XETRA0.09 %EUR 3.90EUR 89.00
Frankfurt10.09 %EUR 3.90-
Stuttgart20.09 %EUR 5.90-
ChiX, BATS0.09 %EUR 1.90-
Tradegate30.09 %EUR 1.90-
Turquoise DE0.09 %EUR 1.90-
United States of America¢1 per shareUSD 1.901.00 %4
United States of America - ADRUSD 0.01 - 0.02 per Sheet--
Austria0.09 %EUR 3.90-
Switzerland0.09 %CHF 14.00-
United Kingdom5GBP 7.00GBP 7.00from GBP 50.000: GBP 7.00 + 0.05 %
France (in Euro-denominated assets)0.09 %EUR 3.90-
Belgium0.09 %EUR 3.90-
Netherlands (in Euro-denominated assets)0.09 %EUR 1.90-
Spain0.09 %EUR 3.90-
Italy0.09 %EUR 3.90-
Sweden (in Euro-denominated assets)0.09 %EUR 3.90-
Norway0.09 %NOK 59.00-
Canada¢1 per shareCAD 1.001.00 %
Mexiko0.20 %MXN 70.00-
Japan0.09 %JPY 200.00-
Hong Kong0.09 %HKD 19.00-
Australia0.09 %AUD 9.90-

Notes on shares & ETFs terms

1 Plus specialist fee at FWB (Frankfurt stock exchange); FWB: 0.0504 % of trade value (€2.52 minimum per order)

2 Plus specialist fees at SWB (Stuttgart Stock Exchange); SWB: DAX shares: 0.0336 % of the transaction volume (EUR 0.63 minimum per order); Other shares: 0.0672% of the transaction volume (EUR 0.63 minimum per order

3 Limit changes and Tradegate deletions: €0.50; Credit to max. €2.50 for same day execution.

4 Plus Exchange, Clearing and Transaction Fee at OTC/Pink.

Please note that different conditions apply to trading with so-called PINK SHEETS or OTC assets.
Unless otherwise stated, all the fees listed here for ETFs also apply to ETCs and ETNs.

5 Stamp duties (UK = 0.5 %, Ireland 1.0 %) are passed on directly to the customer.

OTC / Pink / ArcaEdge Feemax. Fee
exchange feeStock price USD <1.00USD 0.000030 per share-
Stock price USD >1.00USD 0.0030 per share-
clearing fee (NSCC, DTC)per shareUSD 0.00020max. 0.5 %
transaction fee (Sell only)-USD 0.0000218 * trading volume-
NYSE Pass-through fees-commission * USD 0.000175-
FINRA Pass-through fees-commission * USD 0.00056-
FINRA Trading Acitivity (Sell only)per share and orderUSD 0.000119max USD 5.95

Stock Exchanges for Penny Stocks

Depending on the stock exchange, penny stocks are differently difficult to trade. In general:

Exchange PURE: Only a few (large) pennystocks tradable, rest: close-only*

Exchange VENTURE: Regular trading

Exchange PINK: Regular trading, occasionally close-only*

Exchange ARCAEDGE: Regular trading

*Close-only = Already purchased positions can be closed, but no new positions can be opened.

Notes on stock trading:

  • Commissions apply to all order types.
  • All exchange and regulatory fees are included.
  • VAT, also referred to as consumption tax, goods and services tax, where applicable, will be separately applied for eligible services.
  • Modified orders will be treated as the cancellation and replacement of an existing order with a new order. On certain exchanges, this may have the  effect of subjecting modified orders to commission minimums as if they were new orders. For example, if an order for 200 shares is submitted and 100 shares execute, then you modify the order and another 100 shares execute, a minimum commission would be applied to both 100 share orders. Orders that persist overnight will be considered a new order forthe purposes of determining order minimums.
  • Stamp duty: The stamp duty will be directly passed through to the client (UK = 0.5 %, Ireland = 1.0 %).

Examples for order part executions

Example 1

Order: Purchase 1,000 shares of XYZ on Monday.

Execution of the order:

  • 300 shares on Monday at 02:00 p.m.
  • 300 shares on Monday at 04:00 p.m.
  • 400 shares on Monday at 04:15 p.m.
    costs: 1x order fee

Example 2

Order: Purchase of 1,000 shares of stock XYZ on Monday.

Execution of the order:

  • 400 shares on Monday at 03:00 p.m.
  • 200 shares on Tuesday at 02:00 p.m.
  • 100 shares on Tuesday at 02:30 p.m.
  • 300 shares on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.
    Costs: 3x order fees

Options & Futures

CountryFutures (per contract and side)Options (per contract)others
Germany - Micro-DAX®-FutureEUR 0.80--
Germany - Mini-DAX®-FutureEUR 0.90--
GermanyEUR 1.90EUR 1.90-
USA - Micro E-Mini FuturesUSD 0.90-MES, M6E, MNQ, M2K, MYM, MGC
USA USD 2.90USD 2.90-
SwitzerlandCHF 3.90CHF 3.90-
United Kingdom1GBP 2.90GBP 2.90-
FranceEUR 1.90EUR 1.90-
NetherlandsEUR 1.90EUR 1.90-
SpainEUR 1.90--
BelgiumEUR 1.90EUR 1.90-
ItalyEUR 1.90EUR 1.90-
CanadaCAD 3.90CAD 3.90-
JapanJPY 500.00JPY 500.00-
Hong KongHKD 29.00HKD 29.00-
South Korea0.2 %KRW 1,900Min. KRW 1,900
SingaporeSGD 3.90SGD 3.90-
AustraliaAUD 5.90AUD 5.90-
Mexico-MXN 25-
Norway-NOK 15-
Sweden-SEK 30-
CME Bitcoin Future (BTC)USD 15.90-
CME Bitcoin Micro Future (MBT)USD 5.90-
CME Ethereum Future (ETHUSDRR)USD 5.90-
CME Ethereum Micro Future (MET)USD 3.90-

Additional fees:

Limit change (change/deletion) for futures & options, EUREX: €0.25; credit note up to €2.50 upon execution on the same day.
Limit changes/deletions Tradegate: €0.50; credit note up to €2.50 upon execution on the same day.
Limit changes/deletions US options: USD 0.01.

1 Stamp duty (UK = 0.5 %) for the exercise of an option is passed on directly to the customer.





Overview Forex CFDs

CurrencyNameCommissionMinimum Commission
EUREuro0.10 %from EUR 3.00
USDUnited States Dollar0,01 %from USD 1.90
CADCanadian Dollar0.01 %from CAD 2.90
AUDAustralian Dollar0.05 %from AUD 5.90
CHFSwiss Francs0.10 %from CHF 3.90
GBPBritish Pounds0.10 %from GBP 3.90
HKDHong kong Dollar0.10 %from HKD 10.00
HUFHungarian Forint0.01 %from HUF 900.00
JPYJapanese Yen0.10 %from JPY 490.00
NZDNew Zealand Dollar0.01 %from NZD 3.90
PLNPolish Zloty0.10 %from PLN 15.00
SGDSingapore Dollar0.10 %from SGD 3.90
MXNMexican Peso0.10 %from MXN 39.00
ILSIsraeli Shekel0.01 %from ILS 10.00
SEKSwedish Krona0.09 %from SEK 14.00
NOKNorwegian Krone0.09 %from NOK 14.00
CZKCzech Krona0.02 %from CZK 70.00
DKKDanish Krona0.09 %from DKK 40.00
RUBRussian Ruble0.10 %from RUB 140.00
CNHChinese Yuan0.10 %from CNH 19.00
ZARSouth African Rand0.01 %from ZAR 50.00

5 CFDs Germany 30 (symbol: IBDE30), trading at 12.000 index points
-> 5 CFDs * 12.000 = €60.000 in trading value
-> €60.000 * 0.01 % (commission) = €6.00 fee

Financing cost for CFDs

  • For long-positions you’ll have to pay debit interest.
  • By holding a short position you will receive credit interest. In the case of negative credit interest rates, you will also pay for short-positions.

Overview Share CFDs on Trader Workstation

CountryCurrencyCommissionMinimum CommissionFinancing costs
AustraliaAUD0.05 %AUD 5.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
EuropeEUR0.1 %EUR 3.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
DenmarkDKK0.09 %DKK 59.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
United KingdomGBP0.1 %GBP 3.9Key interest rate +/- 3 %
JapanJPY0.1 %JPY 490.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
NorwayNOK0.09 %NOK 59.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
SwedenSEK0.09 %SEK 49.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
SwitzerlandCHF0.1 %CHF 3.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Czech RepublicCZK0.2 %CZK 90.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
USAUSD¢1 per CFD contractUSD 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %

On the Trader Workstation you can trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on stocks, indices and Forex.

Overview Index CFDs on Trader Workstation at FXFlat

Index CFDSymbolCommissionMinimum CommissionFinancing Costs
Germany 40IBDE400.01 %EUR 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
US 30IBUS300.01 %USD 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
US 500IBUS5000.01 %USD 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
US Tech 100IBUST1000.01 %USD 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
UK 100IBGB1000.01 %GBP 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Euro 50IBEU500.01 %EUR 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
France 40IBFR400.01 %EUR 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Spain 35IBES350.01 %EUR 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Netherlands 25IBNL250.01 %EUR 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Switzerland 20IBCH200.01 %CHF 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Japan 225IBJP2250.01 %JPY 50.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Hong Kong 50IBHK500.01 %HKD 14.00Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Australia 200IBAU2000.01 %AUD 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %
Italy 40IBIT400.01 %EUR 1.90Key interest rate +/- 3 %


Currency Trading on Trader Workstation at FXFlat

CurrencyNameCommissionMinimum Commission
EUREuro0.2 basis points * volumeEUR 3.50
USDUnited States Dollar0.2 basis points * volumeUSD 3.50
AUDAustralian Dollar0.2 basis points * volumeAUD 3.50
CADCanadian Dollar0.2 basis points * volumeCAD 3.50
CHFSwiss Franc0.2 basis points * volumeCHF 3.50
CNHChinese Yuan0.2 basis points * volumeCNH 20.00
CZKCzech Crown0.2 basis points * volumeCZK 3.50
DKKDanish Crown0.2 basis points * volumeDKK 15.00
GBPBritish Pound0.2 basis points * volumeGBP 3.50
HKDHong Kong Dollar0.2 basis points * volumeHKD 19.00
HUFHungarian Forint0.2 basis points * volumeHUF 900.00
ILSIsraeli Schekel0.2 basis points * volumeILS 10.00
JPYJapanese Yen0.2 basis points * volumeJPY 150.00
MXNMexican Peso0.2 basis points * volumeMXN 39.00
NOKNorwegian Krone0.2 basis points * volumeNOK 14.00
NZDNew Zealand Dollar0.2 basis points * volumeNZD 3.90
RUBRussian Ruble0.2 basis points * volumeRUB 140.00
SEKSwedish Krona0.2 basis points * volumeSEK 14.00
SGDSingapore Dollar0.2 basis points * volumeSGD 3.90
TRYTurkish Lira0.2 basis points * volumeTRY 20.00
ZARSouth African Rand0.2 basis points * volumeZAR 60.00

Example for a forex trade

Buy: 100.000 EUR/USD with quote EUR/USD: 1.30
(Means: Buying 100.000 Euro and Selling 130.000 USD at the same time)

Calculation: 0.00002*130.000 USD=> 2.60 USD Order fee

Spot Forex - No hidden mark-ups, but transparent and cheap interbank spreads with top commissions at FXFlat!

Warrants & certificates

ExchangeOrder feeMinimum fee
Frankfurt0.10 %EUR 3.90
Stuttgart0.12 %EUR 3.90


Interest rates

CurrencyIBKR Benchmark (BM)Credit (per year)*Debit (per year)
AUDAustralian Dollar LIBOR (RBA Daily Cash Rate Target)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
CADBank of Canada Overnight Lending RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
CHFSwiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
CNY/CNHCNY HIBOR Overnight Fixing RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
CZKPrag ON Interbank Offered RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
DKKDanish Tom/Next IndexBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
EUREuro Short-Term Rate (€STR)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
GBPSterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
HKDHKD HIBOR (Overnight rate)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
HUFBudapest Interbank Offered RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
ILSTel Aviv Interbank Offered O/N RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
INRIndia SBI Base RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
JPYTokyo Overnight Average Rate (TONAR)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
KRWKorean Won KORIBOR (1 week)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
MXNMexican Interbank TIIE (28 day rate)BenchmarBenchmark + 3%
NOKNorwegian Overnight Weighted AverageBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
NZDNew Zealand Dollar Official Cash Daily RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
PLNWIBOR (Warsaw Interbank Overnight Rate)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
RUBRUONIA (Ruble Overnight Index Average)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
SEKSEK STIBOR (Overnight Rate)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
SGDSingapore Dollar SOR (Swap Overnight) RateBenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
USDFed Funds Effective (Overnight Rate)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%
ZARSouth Africa Benchmark Overnight Rate on Deposits (Sabor)BenchmarkBenchmark + 3%

Interest rates are daily calculated and credited to your account at the beginning of each calendar month. Effective interest rates are available at the end of each month in the “monthly report”.

Interest rates serve for information purposes, relevant interest rates are those shown in your account after having logged in.

Interest Paid on Idle Cash Balances
Client accounts are eligible to receive credit interest on long settled cash balances and short stock collateral values in their securities accounts. Interest accrues and is payable on a daily basis. IBKR posts the interest payments on a monthly basis on the third business day of the following month.

IBKR uses a blended rate based on the tiers outlined in the table below. The tiers on which interest rates are based are subject to change without prior notification.
For balances held in CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, JPY or SEK, IBKR currently applies an effective negative rate to long balances held. For other currencies in which the benchmark rate plus the interest rate paid is less than zero, the interest paid is 0%.





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