Susanne Raming School


Children and young people with a disability often experience that their peers are faster and more competitive. They are usually excluded from many opportunities that are obvious for children without disability. Pupils with a disability can join the activities organized by sport associations, churches, etc. only in exceptional cases, with special attention and assistance. Of course, they have like all children the same need to move and to practice sport and they are proud when they can do something.         

For this reason, teachers and parents want to give these children the possibility to acquire a special skill and in particular to learn how to ski. In 2001, the teachers of the Susanne Raming School founded an interest group with the motto “Skiing – we can also do that!” Once a year one group of pupils accompanied by tutors, who are in partly volunteers, goes to Reit im Winkl where they are taught the basics of skiing with the support of competent and kind teachers of the “Ski and Snowboard School of Reit im Winkl”. During seven days pupils do not feel “handicapped”, as they succeed in doing something that not every child can do! They experience success and they have fun.

Committed parents and teachers try to collect the necessary money for the skiing project through many events. As the trip and the related organization cost quite a lot, the collected money and the parents’ own contributions are unfortunately not enough.

That is way FXFlat supports the “SKIFREIZEIT” project of the Susanne Raming School.





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