Japanese Red Cross


FXFlat made a charitable donation to the German Red Cross on the 17th of March 2011, only a few days after the earthquake in Japan. After sending out the FXFlat Newsletter, we are proud of winning a few clients to support our action.

Also the German President Christian Wulff called on to donate for the reconstruction after the heavy earthquake and the Tsunami. He recommended to use the German Red Cross.

DRK-President Dr. Rudolf Seiters said on Tuesday:
„We know how hard our colleagues from the Japanese Red Cross work and will support them where possible. Currently the best way to help is a donation, so that they can go on working.“

The Japanese Red Cross is with more then 2 millions aktive volunteers one of the strongest Red Cross association worldwide. All together the Japanese Red Cross has access to more then 488 emergency teams with approximately 7,000 medical experts. Currently 93 Teams with 735 employees are in action that are exchanged continously with fresh teams.

They care for evacuees in makeshift camps and assembly centers. But in the most devastated port city of Sendai, 200 emergency shelters will give the population beds, food and psycho-social care.

Japan has not requested foreign help teams so far. It is therefore particularly important that each donation goes to one of the organizations that operate in Japan, and distribute the donations to trusted partners.

Account: 41 41 41
Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft
BLZ: 370 205 00
Reference: Tsunami 2011
Online: www.drk.de/spenden
Charity-SMS: Send a SMS with DRK to the 81190 and help with 5 Euro.







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