Children's Hospice Regenbogenland


The FXFlat team constantly takes part in the B2Run whose profits are donated to a large extent to the children’s hospice Regenbogenland. In addition, a donation was made with the purpose of constantly supporting such an important institution every year.

A children’s hospice is a home for children who have a reduced life expectancy due to an incurable disease or a severe disability. A children’s hospice is a place where life and joy of life are very important. This institution wants to help families to spend together with their child the time that is left in the best and positive way as possible. 

A second house

On the one side, a children’s hospice should become a second house for these children where they would like to come back to enjoy a pleasant and familiar atmosphere for short stays. They are assisted and supported in the best possible way by specially trained staff.  

On the other side, a children’s hospice has also the aim of giving relief to families and of being a complement to home care. The home assistance and care of incurable children and/or with severe disabilities is a task that can sometimes represent a very particular pressure for families over the years.

With the possibility of a temporary accommodation of the children, parents and siblings concerned, the hospice would like to be a complement to the assistance and care provided by families at home and to avoid by this way that children must be separated from their families for a longer period of time. 





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